International Charity Golf Challenge

2016 Golf tournament



ACI – The Financial Markets Association, was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London. In the years that followed, other national associations were formed and there are now affiliated financial markets associations in 66 countries and individual members in another 17 countries. ACI recently revised its membership criteria and removed the ‘national’ and ‘international’ categories, replacing these with a single membership category. Once the effects of these changes have been incorporated it is expected that ACI will have over 19,000 members.

Forex & ACI – Prior to the late 1figs1a990’s the Irish Branch of ACI was known as ‘The Forex Club of Ireland’ at which point it was decided to cha

nge its name to ‘ACI Ireland’. It was in those early years that the social side of the Forex Club began to develop with the result that in 1982 ‘The Forex Ireland Golf Society’ (FIGS) was formed. There are now over 100 golfers in FIGS from Dublin’s financial market community.

Forex & Charity – Twenty-three years ago our Golf Society decided it wanted to do something for charity and the idea to host an International Charity Golf Challenge was founded. The following pages will outline in greater detail how this event has grown over the years.

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